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Hypoxia Training (IHHT) in Berlin

Hypoxia Training (IHHT) in Berlin

Improve your cell health

Hypoxia Training (IHHT)


40 minutes


From €89

Interval Hypoxia-Hyperoxia Training (IHHT) at Circle Health: A revolutionary approach to health and performance


  • First visit: 129€ (incl. consultation)

  • Follow-up: 89€

  • Standard mask: 10€

  • Premium mask: 75€

  • 5x Bundle incl. premium mask: 479€ (Save 13%)

  • 10x Bundle incl. premium mask: 829€ (Save 18%)

  • 15x Bundle incl. premium mask: 1149€ (Save 20%)

The interval hypoxia-hyperoxia training (IHHT) represents an innovative and effective method not only to optimize athletic performance, but also to comprehensively improve your quality of life. This training is based on the principles of simulated altitude training and utilizes the benefits of oxygen variations to stimulate the body's own regeneration processes.

At a glance: IHHT at Circle Health

  • Innovative procedure based on simulated altitude training

  • Versatile applications from health promotion to performance enhancement

  • Gentle and pleasant treatment method

  • Individually adaptable treatment duration

What is Intervall-Hypoxie-Hyperoxie-Training (IHHT)?

IHHT is an advanced form of therapy that exposes the body to alternating oxygen-poor (hypoxia) and oxygen-rich (hyperoxia) conditions. This method simulates the natural conditions of altitude training and aims to increase the efficiency of cellular energy production and promote the formation of red blood cells.

How does IHHT work?

By selectively applying hypoxia and hyperoxia, the body is stimulated to optimize its mitochondria – the powerhouses of the cells. This not only improves energy production at the cellular level, but also promotes the body's regeneration and oxygen supply. The consequences are improved performance, enhanced sleep quality, stress reduction, and a supportive effect on weight loss and various illnesses.

The process of an IHHT treatment

The treatment takes place in a relaxed atmosphere, with patients lying or sitting comfortably. Oxygen-poor and oxygen-rich air is alternately supplied via a mask. A standard session lasts about 40 minutes, but can be individually adjusted. Many patients find the treatment so relaxing that they fall asleep during it.

Applications of IHHT

IHHT is suitable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Improvement of cardiovascular function and high blood pressure

  • Support with chronic inflammations and infections

  • Optimization of sugar and fat metabolism

  • Prevention and support for chronic conditions such as COPD, diabetes, and cancer

  • Relief of stress symptoms, burnout, and chronic fatigue

  • Enhancement of cognitive performance

Advantages of IHHT

  • Enhancement of physical and mental performance

  • Improvement of sleep quality and stress reduction

  • Support for weight reduction

  • Positive effects on cardiovascular system and metabolism

  • Promotion of general regeneration and well-being

Discover the diverse benefits of interval hypoxia-hyperoxia training for your health and performance. Feel free to contact us to learn more or schedule an appointment.

What is the interval hypoxia-hyperoxia therapy (IHHT)?

What is the interval hypoxia-hyperoxia therapy (IHHT)?

How does the Interval Hypoxia Hyperoxia Therapy (IHHT) work?

How does the Interval Hypoxia Hyperoxia Therapy (IHHT) work?

Possible applications

Possible applications

Our experts in Berlin Charlottenburg.

Our experts in Berlin Charlottenburg.


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